Our favourite records/ EP of 2018


The 1975 – A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships

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If you thought that the year was already over you were so wrong. The 1975 are back with a really catchy record mixing New Wave, Jazz and Pop. The result is something really sweet for the ears. Every The 1975‘s record kinda taste like a delicious candy you can enjoy anytime just for your own pleasure. If the melodies are maybe quite simple, the lyrics and the concept are really brilant. The Man Who Married a Robot just makes our heart melt, reflecting the terrible truth with a lot of poetry. Even if the whole album is a success, we definitely love everything that happens after this song. This Love Theme marks a transition in this album, a new awareness.

Before this track, the sound is pretty repetitive, hypnotic, almost deafening and then everything seems quiet and quite peacefull with songs such as Inside Your Mind, It’s Not Living or our favourite I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes).
We already can imagine ourselves counting with Matty from the pit but European fans have time to practise (too much time) because the band are not gonna tour Europe before the festival season.


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I don’t know how but they kicked our ass with only one EP. IDK How don’t look like anyone else. Quirky, old-fashioned (in a good way), catchy, smart, fun, the band just released their first EP and it’s already a hit.

Choke almost reached 9 million views on Youtube. If you want a good reason to listen to this band (another than « oh wait is it the guy from Panic! At The Disco?!« ), go listen to Nobody Likes The Opening Band ’cause they are so right. Not on the EP, this song is a real little sketch that will blow your mind. We have to admit that nobody seems to like the opening band but if you really pay attention you could definitely be surprised. Friendly reminder: support bands are your next favorite bands so next time, be nice.
IDK How confirm this theory.

Hozier – Nina Cried Power

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Can Hozier really do a bad song? The genius didn’t fail to impress us with his brand new songs and spoiled us with a great album for 2019.
Once again, he wrote songs that speak to our soul with strong lyrics but also really sweet melodies. 4 songs aren’t enough but at the same time it’s already a lot of emotions to deal with. Nina Cried Power ft. Mavis Staples and Moment’s Silence bring us back to church. Thanks Hozier.

Don Broco – Technology

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The guys gave us their f**king greatness with this new catchy record. Their songs smell like hot sand and fresh tequila and here they definitely created the soundtrack of our summer.
When we talk about Technology, we’re thinking about having fun with our friends and incredible mosh pits. We imagine ourselves living our best life at Warped Tour swinging our T-Shirt around our head, dancing on Come Out to LA and can we talk about Porkies? Because we could definitely die for this bass line.

Interview online right HERE.

The Plot In You – Dispose

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "the plot in you 2018"We’re so addicted to Feel Nothing (with its BMTH vibe), The One You Loved and Disposable Fix we can only highly recommend this record.

Really different from the previous ones, Dispose is maybe their most accomplished work. It truely highlights all the diversity of their sound.
Find online our pics of their last show in Paris supporting The Amity Affliction.

The Greatest Showman Reimagined

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Hugh Jackman or Brendon Urie, they all own our heart. We only can let you choose your favourite version of the soundtrack. Hugh Jackman, Zendaya, Zac Efron, Michelle Williams (P.S We love you), Keala Settle and Loren Allred are wonderful and create so many anthems we wanna scream everyday of our life. This is not only a movie, this is an hymn to life. This is already cult.

But Ladies and gents, this is the moment you’ve waited for: Panic At The Disco, P!nk, Anne-Marie & James Arthur, Kesha and so many more artists have reimagined your favourite songs and this is pretty sick.

WSTR – Identity Crisis

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Maybe this record isn’t in our TOP 5 but it’s still one that we really enjoy after a long working day because it’s so Pop Punk it’s almost healthy.

Like bands such as Neck Deep, Stand Atlantic, State Champs or Trophy Eyes, WSTR‘s songs give us so much energy we can’t stop listening to Crisis and Bad to the Bone, can you?

State Champs – Living Proof

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In Pop Punk we are, in Pop Punk we stay (for a moment at least). With this record and tracks like Our Time To Go, the band gave the living proof they are not only here for moshpits. State Champs succeeded in combining deep lyrics and positive vibes.

So watch us crowdsurf and cry at the same time. We don’t know if we love them or hate them for that actually. Ask us again later.

Interview coming soon.

Boston Manor – Welcome to the Neighbourhood

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The 2nd album is here and ready to rip your heart out from your chest.
Don’t worry it’s almost painless…Almost. The guys have truly experimented being a band and travelling to develop this new record about their hometown.

With their brand new eyes the band create a bittersweet album with an almost sensual energy.
You could definitely feel this listening to Halo and Bad Machine.

5 Seconds of Summer – Youngblood

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Some youngblood is always appreciable in music. Even if our heart is definitely more Punk than Pop, we can’t deny the quality of this album and we literally can’t stop listening to this one. The guys deserved to find their own identity after being too many times unfairly compared to One Direction. If there’s nothing wrong with this, it seems incorrect (can we be a rockband and a boyband at the same time? This is a real question.) and reductive (every band is different, stop labeling them).
But the guys are not afraid of being more Pop now to claim who they are. Ashton explained everything during our last interview that you can read right here.

We experienced the energy of Youngblood, Valentine and More on the dancefloor in Paris and London when The Ghost Of You totally broke our heart.

Stay tuned and don’t miss our review « On The Road with 5 Seconds of Summer. » (coming soon)

As It Is – The Great Depression

Image associéeHello consumer… Here’s our favourite album of 2018: Welcome to The Great Depression!

You’re not even surprised, right? If My Chem own our soul, As It Is definitely own our heart with this really smart and strong record about depression, suicide, anxiety and stupid norms. Just dry your eyes ’cause this one is a real therapy.

Even if the guys don’t pride themselves on being our saviours, they really open the discussion and ask the good questions. With this album, As It Is are quite like your new favourite best friends: so sweet and fun, they hold your hand to help you find your own way through darkness because you are the only one who have key. As we said, we love smart bands, right?

Patty tells you more about The Great Depression in our next interview. A live review « On tour with As It Is » is also coming soon, so stay tuned!

Even if music can be really helpful, never forget it will never replace a professional, so if you need more information, you can find international contacts for you and your friends right here.


We could actually speak for hours about new amazing records with artists such as Black Veil Brides, Deaf Havana, Trophy Eyes or Underoath but here’s our personal selection.

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