25 Reasons to listen to As It Is and join The Great Depression Tour


As It Is signed to Fearless Records 4 years ago today. To celebrate, let us explain why you should listen to them and win your ticket to see them in Paris. Cool, right? Actually, it could have been 30 reasons, it could have been 50, but well, we’re like “Don’t be so extra” so…

– The Great Depression is such a great album.

Smart, powerful… we’re explaning why it’s one of the best albums of these last years right HERE.

– They have a real concept.


Just like The Black Parade, The Chronicles of Life and Death, A Beautiful Lie or One Day Son This Will All Be Yours (definitely one of our favorite too), As It Is created a story, characters and an aesthetic around their album.

– This aesthetic is gonna be sick on stage …

As It Is warned us.


– Their merch is all black and red…


And it makes us so emo.

– Oh wait, they just made music emo again

They are not afraid to bring back from the dead this powerful rock from 2007.

– They wear makeup and we’re blessed.


Boys don’t wear makeup? Come on, grow up.

– Patty Walters is a real gymnast on stage.

©all right reserved

Fear him Simone Biles.

– They speak to our generation…

© brookechampine

Hello consumer, I know you’re there.

– They say out loud what we’re thinking of…

© Our World Is Grey

our society, the romanticisation of suicide and toxic mascunality

– They’re so inspiring…


that fans create many beautiful arts related to The Great Depression.

– Because… The Reaper!

Nothing to add. Just listen to it and thank us.

– Patty wrote a song for his sister.

It’s on their 2nd album, that’s pretty cute and it’s called “Hey Rachel”.

– They keep reinventing their songs…

New era? Not such a big deal. As It Is knows how to fit their songs on the right moment or venue. It also gives you a new perspective. Crazy little thing called talent.

– Videos are kinda smart too…

© Our World Is Grey

Convey strong feelings and messages. We’ll talk about it later. Stay tuned.

– All members are involved in the creation of the songs…


And that’s pretty cool.

– They support great causes …


Their cover of Such Great Heights by The Postal Service of the “Songs that saved my life” project will be released Nov 9th.

– Patty Walters is a really inspiring role model

Max Herridge for when the horn blows
© Max Herridge @ when the horn blows

Patty is a really creative and talented artist: he’s in two bands, he sings, writes and plays guitar, bass, drums, keyboard… But that’s not all of it. Also vegan and straight edge, he always shares smart speeches and advices about well-ness, respect…and so much more than that. Start a new cult, we’ll join you guys.

– They are really close to their fans.


They take care of them and do communicate with them on stage.

– They have a new guitarist on tour and he’s really great (even if we really miss Andy btw).

© ChrisBlockd

His name is Ronnie. Say “Hi Ronnie”! (Follow him @ronnie_ish)

– They’re always touring with great bands.

©all right reserved

We really want to scream “TRASH BOOOOAT” but actually it’s so much more than just one band. Do we have to mention Courage My Love and Holding Absence on the next tour? They also played with Waterparks, Sleeping With Sirens, State Champs and ROAM.

– These guys are the sweetest dudes ever…

©all right reserved

Go to a meet & great or just try to meet them after a show and tell us that we’re wrong…

– They’re a fun team with good taste in music

– They are ambitious…


Which is a really great thing when it’s paired with hard work and passion.

– They are not living for « likes ».


They actually don’t really like social media and we can totally relate.

– Because we invite you to the Paris gig!!!

You can win your ticket RIGHT HERE

Of course we could have talked about Patty’s cool hair, Ben amazing tattoos or the great “Stranger Things” aesthetic of the No Way Out video but well, as we said “we’re not so extra”, are we?


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