Interview – Sleeping with Sirens (ENG)

Sleeping with Sirens was in Paris few weeks ago for their first headline show and we met Kellin and Nick backstage for a little talk about music and fans. Let’s go!


On the road with Sleeping with Sirens

You’re currently on tour in Europe. How is it going so far?

KELLIN: It’s going great. It’s been a blast. We did a tour with Rise Against and those shows were beneficial to our band. We have definitely seen a lot of older fans coming to our shows. We’ve seen a growth since that tour. You know, in Germany we are playing in front of maybe something like 1,500 kids and the last time we were there it was something more like 500 or 800. There’s definitely a growth happening. I don’t know if it’s Gossip or this tour we did but it definitely feels bigger and better than before.

NICK: Something is happening. I don’t know what it is but it feels really good.

KELLIN: Probably it’s my long hair…

NICK: Yeah, it’s a long hair. So we’re gonna make sure that Kellin keeps growing this hair.

KELLIN: Yeah I’m gonna keep it long. (Laugh)

Your band were formed in 2009, it’s like your first own show there. How do you feel about it?

KELLIN: It’s really cool to be here on our own tour. It seems there are some kids there who wanna hang out with us. That’s exciting. In 2009, 2010, we came here with A Skylit Drive and a couple of other bands. There were something like maybe 5 or 6 kids at that show. (Laugh) So we’re really excited to be here with an audience and play.

Are there other new cities on this tour?

NICK: Not really. It seems like it’s all… Oh yeah, it was the first time we played Poland. Wait, was it on this tour? (asking Kellin) It was amazing.

KELLIN: What about Barcelona? Have we been there before?

NICK: No, we haven’t been to Spain neither…

KELLIN: Yeah we’re making the rounds. (Laugh)

NICK: It’s pretty crazy because for some cities it’s the first time we’re playing there. We didn’t think at this point we could play there but It’s awesome we can finally do this.

And then you’re playing Slam Dunk, it’s gonna be so much fun…

NICK: I love festivals over here in Europe and in the UK, everything works out so well. It’s always a good reunion to see a bunch of friends, just hanging up backstage with them. We actually love to see bands on stage. I can’t wait to see Good Charlotte.

Gossip: blood, sweat and tears

Thanks to this album you’re finally in Europe so can we understand that with Gossip comes this idea of rebirth?

KELLIN: I don’t think that we’ve ever stop to be born again. The Madness area was a great time for this band’s career. We had an amazing time touring with that record. Madness is basically a stepping stone to whatever is coming next. It was our first major label release, the first time we were doing an album with our current manager company, Benji & Joel Madden and all the people who represent us… If I can go back: yes, I guess it’s a kind of rebirth because we were in a very interesting stage in our band’s career where we could really go anywhere in music. It was kinda just up to us to decide what exciting is gonna happen in the future.

NICK: I think every album we’re making is always considered as a rebirth because it’s also important to us. If we keep on reinventing something already done we’re not pushing ourselves to progress. I think if you can ask us this question every time you interview us, that’s a plus. That’s great. That’s how it should be in music.

KELLIN: I think, Gossip is a lot of Pop for me. I definitely want something more Rock for the next one.

So are you trying to tell us you’re currently working on a new album?

KELLIN:  Actually, I’m writing every day. I write about issues, what I was going through and still going through. For some reasons, on this tour I’ve been able to write 7 or 8 songs and I’m really happy with 4 or 5 of them. We will see what will happen next but the good news is that I’m writing again and I’m feeling inspired.

How did you work on Gossip?

KELLIN: It was an interesting experience. It was the second times we worked with such the great producer mind John Feldmann. I think this record was interesting for us individually. We put the weight of the world on our shoulders. It was a learning experience for us… I can’t say it was really positive or negative. They are some really great songs on it I’m really proud of. And I’m proud of everyone in this band. I know everyone goes through a lot of shit.

NICK: Kellin has done a lot of songwriting during Gossip. Songs after songs, there was so much material. There’s this emotional side this time. We worked with so much different people. Like he said, it doesn’t mean necessarily it was something negative or positive, it’s just a range of emotions. That’s the kind of beauty that goes in an album. Like the blood, sweat and tears.

KELLIN: I especially remember that day I wrote with David Bendeth at his house. He pulled me outside and was like “This record is only gonna work if you can figure out a way to find what you are trying to say” and I was like “you can’t fucking figure out what I’m trying to say.(Laugh) Let me know ‘cause I try.” But I take that at heart now ‘cause writing can be as hard as you want it to be. When it comes, it comes and when it doesn’t, you have to be patient and wait. You can’t force it. Consciously, you have to be ready and if it’s happen at 5 o’clock in the morning and you have an idea, you have to grab your phone. You never know when it’s gonna happen. That’s what I’m learning about being a songwriter.

Do you already have a favorite song on this album?

KELLIN: I go back and forth between a few songs. We have a few songs we hadn’t play yet after record so I’m interested in hearing the others songs, how it’s gonna goes, like War. I can’t wait to play that song, I think it could be very powerful. Currently, in the lineup, I really like One Man Army a lot.

NICK: Yeah, I’m on the same with Man Army. I really like Closer too. We haven’t play that one live yet but it could be cool to incorporate that song too.

When music is a saviour…

It seems you’re here for your fans more than ever. You have created like a whole community. Your music really helps your fans going through hard times. Do you speak about it with them sometimes?

KELLIN: Growing up with music saved me from many situations. It helped me going through high school, through some of the darkest periods of my life. To be able to contribute as a songwriter for some of these people is great. But you know, the other side of it is there’s a lot of pressure. That’s a part of being a musician: be there, take up that role and accept it and you are up on that stage. You can either write thing that don’t matter, that don’t make a difference or make the things deeper and make people feel and think. It’s something I’m proud our band is doing everyday.

We can see on the Internet, many fans have tattoos of your band. How do you feel about it?

KELLIN: I really have a bad hand writing.

NICK: No, that’s not true…

KELLIN: No (laugh). I don’t mind. There are lyrics from artists I would like to tattoo on myself too. My biggest thing is that I want the fans to be sure before like “Is that what you really want?”. (Laugh) The thing is that when someone asks me to write lyrics I try really hard to write well. (Laugh)


Read our Madness interview right here.

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