Sleeping With Sirens : The « Madness » Interview

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Sleeping With Sirens was in Lyon (France) to play at the Longlive Rockfest and we met them. These guys are fuckin crazy and you will love it. Believe us. Let’s talk about their last show at Le Bataclan, the new album and some mad stuff !


Photo credit : Chloé Bunel @ Above The Noise

Hi guys, welcome to France. To begin with, for those who don’t know your band yet, how would you introduce you ?


Gabe : We’re a bunch of hooligans. We are party animals !
Jack : Nick is quite, Justin’s stoned, I’m loud, Kellin cries and Gabe plays the drums (laugh).
Nick : We’re a fun band so if you wanna have fun, come to our shows !


And why « Sleeping With Sirens » ?

Kellin : Oh I don’t know men. I have like twenty when I named the band. I just thought it was cool at this time. There no any like particular meaning for it.
Nick : Do you still think the name is cool ?
Kellin : I would drop the sleeping with and just go by « sirens » probably if I could.
Justin : Same ! Can we do that ?

Your music really evolved through the years but you still keep your identity. Many bands are changing this year, do you think you could change that much one day ?


Kellin : I do think it’s important to evolve your sound. You know we all grow up, we change, like we change what we wanna hear. I think that’s important to constently improve upon what you’ve done before and to try to do better.
Gabe : I agree. We definitely don’t want to keep playing the same stuff and playing for the same fans. We wanna grow as we do. Yeah, it’s definitely great to change.

But what do you think about these bands like Fall Out Boy who are totally taken another direction ?


Kellin : I think it’s up to them. That’s up to the artist. That’s the all reason why we are artists.
Gabe : We are the ones who write music so in the end the ones writing music need to be the ones happy playing it.

Your next album seems to be more personal. Is it something you really need to do right now ?


Kellin : I think it’s important to keep things personal if you don’t then it’s hard to relate to what you are singing or playing on stage so we like to keep our things really personal.

And how did you worked on this album ?


Kellin : We worked with a producer named David Bendeth (editor’s note : Paramore, All Time Low, Tonight Alive…) and it was awesome.

You said to Kerrang magazine that next album gonna be a mix between American Idiot and The Black Parade. Did you just realize that you were announcing the best album of all time ? Not too much pressure ?



Kellin : I take that back. It sounds more like The Beatles White Album » and Michael Jackson, Thriller.
Gabe : Whao ! Sounds like the biggest album ever in the world !
Kellin : (Laugh) No, it’s gonna sound…
Gabe : Maybe we’ve said we are going through that but I don’t know anymore…
Kellin : We just say whatever we want. We just want to keep people guessing.
Nick : I don’t mean it sounds like these records but we feel like it’s definding for us in the same way those records define those bands. I think it’s the most mature body of work we have done and we’re very excited.We can’t wait for you to hear it !


You were at Le Bataclan last week with Good Charlotte, did you like it ? How was it to meet your french fans ?


Kellin : We had a blast ! Lot of fun. I think it’s been too long since we’ve been here so it’s nice to come back and we had a really good time. We love our french fans.
Nick : We want to come back again already. We will love it.
Jack : It was hot though !
Gabe : It was so amazing.
Justin : Gabe even had a french kiss there !
Gabe : Yeah, I did have a french kiss there…My girlfriend was there so…(Laugh)

Isn’t it too hard to play in such a place ?


Kellin : It was a little bit hairy, strange, but it’s nice to know people still go there to listen to music and to be with other people to enjoy music. I think it shows the strenght of the city and the fans there.
Gabe : When we get there in the morning and walking around during the day and the venue it was a little hairy. It came at the back of my mind but once I get on stage playing, it was like the last thing in my mind. I was just having fun. The crowd was amazing so that really ran away. The fact it was awesome, a safe night, we just had a good time. That was really exciting and we looking forward to coming back.

Did you expect such a success there ? Everybody was like screaming all your lyrics…


Kellin : I think it would be more here. I think the bands we are with today are so similar to us I guess people gonna sing our songs like the last time… They won’t do it anymore. (Laugh)

Will you come back for your own show soon ?


Kellin : Yes !
Jack : Absolutely.
Nick : We’re announcing something really soon, like in two days (editor’s note : They’ll be on stage with Rise Against at Le Bataclan Nov.11). We’ll be annoucing some very fun stuff. I wasn’t supposed to tell you anything but I’m telling you so…Here’s a scoop !



In a supernatural world you’d be a …


Justin : I’d be an alien for sure…I’ll be high in the sky….
Jack : I’d be a vampire…
Kellin : You’d be a Frankenstein bro ! (speaking about Jack)
Jack : Okay…I take Frank.
Gabe : I’b be Captain underpants, just running around in my underwear, saving the world.
Kellin : I’d probably be a zombie.
Nick : I’d be Nacho Libre cause I’m mexican.

First day at Hogwart, you’re house is…


Kellin : Slytherin !
Gabe : I don’t know the houses…
Kellin : Hufflepuff ! (Laugh)
Nick : Gryffondor !
Justin : Pufflepuff !
Jack : Trufflestuff !
Kellin : Gryffondooooooor ! (Laugh)
Justin : I’ve never seen Harry Potter…
Nick : I’m a little kid, I was watching it last night on my bunk…

Avengers are real. Team Iron Man or Captain America ?


Jack : Captain America ! An 100% !
Justin : Craptain ?
Kellin : Iron Man dude ’cause he has cool gadgets.
Gabe & Jack : Iron Man !
Justin : I don’t know…Superman !
Jack : Captain American for sure.
Justin : Or Iron Man I guess…Or Spiderman…

You’re in an horror movie…How die first, survive and who’s the psycopath ?


Kellin : Gabe’s die first !
Gabe : NO, I DO NOT !
Kellin : Yes you do Gabe !
Gabe : You always fucking say that !
Kellin : BECAUSE YOU’D BE ON YOUR PHONE DUDE…or something…
Jack : You’d be on your phone !
Justin : Jack would loose his mind first. He’s the psycopath !
Kellin : Jack and I would probably be the first running out and then Gabe die. (Laugh)
*Nick was attacked by a spider and begin to be scared*
Gabe : See ! Nick would probably die first ! Terrified of spiders.
Kellin : Justin would build something to save us so me and Nick would survive.
Jack : I will for sure be the first one sto be like « Fuck you guys »
Kellin : I’m gonna go alone, that’s what you’d do, « taking my chance out of there ».

You’re stuck in TVland, in what shows do you wanna stay ?


Justin : Weed !
Gabe : I’d be in Games of Thrones.
Kellin : You’d die though, like in the first season…
Gabe : I wouldn’t die !
Kellin : I’d be in Friends. Drinking coffee, all the local things, making fun of Ross…
Nick : I’b be in Cheers…
Kellin : Yeah it’s always sunny on Philladelphia, I’d be on that show too. (Laugh)
Gabe : Really Games Of Thrones. Having sex and drinking wine !
Justin : But with who ?!
Gabe : Dude…

It’s the end of the world. You can only save one thing : Pizza or Whiskey ?


Everybody: Whiskey !
Kellin : That’s taugh for me cause I’ve got a pizza tattoo on my thumb but I’m gonna say Whiskey.
Gabe : You should got a whiskey tattoo too.
Kellin : Yeah I should.
Justin : Both are great together.

If you were a movie, your soundtrack would be…


Kellin : Great album that we pulled out ! If I was a movie my soundtrack would be….Purple Rain !
Gabe : Jack mine would be ?
Jack : Mister Ed !
Gabe : Mister Ed ? (Laugh)
Jack : A horse movie.
Kellin : It’s a show !
Nick : Mine would be Guardians of the Galaxy…
Kellin : Great soundtrack !
Jack : Titanic !

And you’d be Kate…


Justin : (Laugh) He was Kate in a dream last night…
Jack : Yeah, I had a dream last night. I was a hot girl !

And to conclude, something mad you wanna learn in french ?


Kellin : « Go, go, go ! »

Allez, allez, allez !

Kellin : Allez, allez, allez ! (Laugh)


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