Marc E. Bassy Ignites the 2020 Tour: Phoenix, AZ @ Crescent Ballroom

New year, new concerts! If you are hoping to make this a year packed with live shows; you do not want to miss Marc E. Bassy’s 2020 tour. The San Francisco singer is more swoon-worthy and eye catching than you may think. With this sold-out show being the debut of the tour and his new label New Gold Medal in full swing, we were anxiously awaiting to see how this tour would be executed.

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Entering the Beautiful Mind of Jon Bellion: Phoenix, AZ @ Crescent Ballroom

The mind of Jon Bellion can truly only be described one way; chaotically beautiful. Bellion’s symphony of sway is composed of lyrics that unravel the purpose of life; intertwined in transcendent chord progressions that ignite the soul. Founded by addicting beats, mesmerizing sounds, and intricate lyrics, the boundless Bellion is here to stay.