Marc E. Bassy Ignites the 2020 Tour: Phoenix, AZ @ Crescent Ballroom

New year, new concerts! If you are hoping to make this a year packed with live shows; you do not want to miss Marc E. Bassys 2020 tour.  The San Francisco singer is more swoon-worthy and eye catching than you may think. With this sold-out show being the debut of the tour and his new label New Gold Medal in full swing, we were anxiously awaiting to see how this tour would be executed. Along with a new label fueling this tour, Bassy also had an exciting setlist, decorated with his new songs off his most recent album Postmodern Depression while also intertwined with his other hit records. This newest addition to Bassy’s discography is an accumulation of messages that discusses the tribulations of love, the harsh reality of the world we live in, and presents themes that expresses the trial of growing up in a way that is still enjoyable and compelling to listen to. The groove centered aesthetic paired with his anecdotal lyricism concocts a unique atmosphere within his live shows. With a new year, new label, and new album backing him up, we knew this opening show would be one to remember. 

Breaking Musical Boundaries

The artist waltzed before the crowd with an unmatchable energy; proclaiming his thrilling return to the stage with his freshly dyed radiant red hair. Amongst the smoke and glowing neon lights that stimulated the environment, Bassy was fired up and ready to unveil the first night of the tour. With an absence of barricades to separate the fans from Bassy, it made a perfect recipe for an intimate live experience. While pursuing the sea of fans that filled every corner of the venue, it was clear that he has created a culture within his music. Just like the fans, boundaryless Bassy is founded and inspired by an endless number of genres, artists, and cultures that enhance his music to a whole new level. Clearly his lyrics and vibe explore R&B, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Rock, 80’s hits, and many more other avenues. One of his songs off the new album titles “Die Hard” pays tribute to the feverish 80’s beat and echoes the wistfulness of the past era. This song testifies of the artist’s ability to alternate his sound and unravels complicated life situations that cause us to fight for something that seems hopeless.  Accompanied by effortlessly alluring vocals and music that seems to understand and speak to all who listen, Marc E. Bassy has created music for the masses. 

Lost in the Live

One of the most rousing portions of the evening was when Bassy re-entered the stage with a guitar in hand. This was completely new territory for the artist and the audience was absorbing every second of it. With guitar in hand, it was very apparent the artist entered the new year with a newfound confidence and desire to break boundaries. The setlist was thoughtfully constructed and was composed of tracks such as Trial by Fire”, NASCAR”, Just My Luck”, and even an acoustic version of “You & Me” that left the room speechless. One of the songs that beamed amongst the setlist was “Morning”, a song that is relatively instrumentally simple so that the lustrous vocals can stand on a pedestal. The song envelopes the listener in the warmth and emotion of utter devotion when in love. The song was performed with an unspoken intimacy with Marc sat at the piano where he expressed his passion elegantly through his control of the keys and vocals. Morning embraced the crowd and motivated them to join in the song with fervent claps and sways. One of the tracks off the new album that made its way to the stage was Just My Luck a blissful song with an empty stadium type sound with euphoric background vocals that encompasses the room. This track radiates a nostalgic feeling that elucidates a carefree emotion.  

Post Concert Depression

Throughout the evening it became obvious that Bassy prioritizes meaningful crowd interactions during his live set. Throughout the show, the singer was found reaching to fans, conversing with them, and simply making the ultimate fan experience. The crowd was set aflame, the energy was high, and Marc collapsed to his knees wholly consumed by the night. Marc E. Bassy blessed fans with a two-song encore that overflowed the venue with smiles. Although two hats are now being worn, businessman Bassy has somehow managed to heighten the emotional aspect of the music and promote a more mature and spiritual sound.  With unexpected transitions, breathtaking vocals, and an eclectic selection of music, Marc E. Bassy is a show you can’t miss. Feel free to check out our personal conversation we had with the man himself before the show, and get a deeper understanding of what his music is all about!

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