Mayday Parade Takes the Final Bow on the Forever Emo Tour: Phoenix, AZ @Crescent Ballroom

Oh the teen angst. Don’t you miss blacked out fashion, endless eyeliner, and the heavy amplified guitar? Have no fear Mayday Parade’s Forever Emo tour is here. Ten cities, thousands of fans, and an endless supply of nostalgic punk rock music to play.This delicious set list was garnished with songs from legendary bands such as My Chemical Romance, Good Charlotte, Taking Back Sunday, Blink 182, Jimmy Eat World, Fall Out Boy, The Killers, and of course Mayday Parade. The band electrified the masses and closed the curtains on this U.S. tour with their sold out show at the Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix, AZ this past weekend. And let us tell you; these punk rock crusaders did not disappoint our yearning emo hearts. 

Kids In Love

When Mayday Parade hits the stage; trust us, you’ll know. These fans are positively elevated and skyrocket past cloud 9 when the lights dim and the band members arise to center stage. One after the other, Derek Sanders (vocals), Alex Garcia (lead guitar), Brooks Betts (guitar), Jeremy Lenzo (bass guitar), and Jake Bundrick (drum kit) floated onto the stage and the devoted fans simply couldn’t escape the thrill of it all. With not a barricade in site, this was undeniably an intimate show. If you think Mayday Parade is a high-energy band while delving into their discography, you will certainly be knocked off your feet at their live show. These emo gods have handcrafted the perfect live show experience by mingling excellent musicianship, poetic lyrics, and utter passion. 

Make America Emo Again

It may seem surprising that a punk rock band is still alive in today’s music world and keep fans flocking to their shows. Mayday Parade has managed to keep this a flourishing genre. With a generation coming to an end and a new one beginning with the new coming year, Mayday Parade is at the top of the lineup.The band is celebrating the punk music of the past and dictating the future of it.Punk rock music has no boundaries and is founded upon doing whatever you want whenever you want. That means touring the U.S. to play throwback records to thousands of people is plausible and very well received. These mayday musicians are managing to interlace nostalgia with experimentation that adds an exhilarating twist on what punk rock music is and can be. Future generations are being inspired by the rouse of these revolutionists and the livelihood of this genre has a lot to owe to Mayday Parade. We challenge you to really listen to Mayday Parade where you can find unexplored transitions, experimentation with orchestral instruments, and an overall understanding that the group’s main focus is to orchestrate a sound that causes you to think and feel a little bit deeper. 

All the Punk Things

As the blue lights beamed into the crowd and the soft chords of Cute Without the ‘E’ (originally by Taking Back Sunday) were strummed, we knew this night was theirs. The empowering vocals of Derek claimed their territory and melted beautifully amongst the riveting heartbeat of Jake’s drum set and Jeremy’s bass guitar. The guitar duo of Alex and Brooks entered the atmosphere and buzzed in the audiences ear executing an immediate high amongst the crowd. If anyone knows how to control a crowd, it is Mayday Parade. It seemed as if the set list was perfectly concocted and knew exactly when to swoon the fans with a tragically romantic piece such as Piece Of Your Heart; a powerful tune that beckons the devotees to join in the anthemic background vocals and truly become a part of the song. Mayday Parade didn’t hesitate to return to their own musical accomplishments such as Jamie All Over; one of the groups most renown and addictive records. The final bow was made, the curtains rolled, and the room was lit once again. However, the magic certainly didn’t fade. The band left all who were lucky enough to stand amongst the sensation craving more with a heavy dose of post concert depression. We’re thrilled to walk alongside Mayday Parade in venturing into the next year of 2020; a year for the true revival of emo and punk rock music.

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