The Driver Era: Exploring Where Music Has Been and Where it Will Go

Have you met The Driver Era? Join the ride and come face to face with the brothers Ross and Rocky Lynch who are erasing musical boundaries: an experimental first album, a transcending (yet intimate) tour, and an eye-opening outlook on music. Without a doubt, these sibling’s bond goes far beyond blood. It is spiritual and profound on a level only the two understand but the fans eagerly eat up. Growing up in a household full of Prince, The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springsteen, and songs from every possible genre; a cohesive and eclectic sound was inevitable. Take a seat, hold on tight, and uncover all we have to share about The Driver Era.             

Minds Full of Music…

It all started in a living room in Colorado where the Lynch siblings would dress up in costumes to perform by selling paper tickets to their lucky family members. As this melodic family grew, so too did their thirst to make music and all that could quench it was by forming an official band. The band was made up of Ross Lynch (vocals), Rocky Lynch (guitar), Rydel Lynch (keyboard), Ryker Lynch (bass), and family friend Ellington Ratliff (drums). The band claimed the name R5 and was profoundly successful. R5 experienced 5 world tours, completed 3 full length albums, and reached stardom mainly through the teen demographic. While the band was far from lackluster and housed endless talents, their songs were mainly formulaic summer-time pop that was replicated throughout the charts.

Despite the band’s obvious success, the group became more seasoned and matured causing a more complex sound to begin to form. In R5’s last two albums it is undeniable they had a desire to break away from their former Disney Channel sound. The last album New Addictions sought to change it all and prove to the world they weren’t the band they used to be. The tracks within the album are sexy, rebellious high energy reflecting the album’s title.

However, due to the business aspect that had control over the band, the only way to truly make music that mattered to them was to announce a hiatus. In the mean time, Ross and Rocky couldn’t contain the burning overwhelming passion to make music and that’s when it all began.

Beat-Driven Brothers

Thus, through the fires The Driver Era was born. This new band however was only composed of Ross and Rocky Lynch with their other siblings only involved when a full band was needed for live shows. The new band was announced, and fans were skeptical and distraught when realizing their beloved teen idol sensation band was being left in the dust. However, then the boys released the single Preacher Man. An edgy upbeat anthem that immediately draws listeners in with an urgent prayer begging for them to be saved. The song unravels a story of a man who is tormented by his inner demons that are causing turmoil in his relationship and life. This song stood out from all their previous works in R5 due to its fully developed sound and composition. The song was later accompanied by a seductive, dark, luring music video that heightened fan’s experience even more.

Straight Up to the Clouds

After these symphonic siblings claimed their territory on the music map, they announced a tour. No additional music had been released at the time proving that these brothers were truly abandoning all the orthodox formulas that artists usually follow. While waiting for the tour to come, The Driver Era graced fans with two more singles Low and Afterglow. It was quickly becoming very apparent that this band had no genre and were determined to blur boundaries. The single Low is a heavy beat-driven track accompanied by Rocky’s somber vocals with a gentle guitar in hand that puts audiences in a trance and causes them to come to the realization of how utterly enveloped in another person they can become. The song was later paired with a music video that symbolized love as being a high stakes robbery where everything is on the line.

In contrast however, the other single Afterglow it a nostalgic dream-like record that is coupled with the romantic vocals of Ross Lynch in an « echoey » state that is symbolic of his mind reflecting on a pure and lighthearted memory. Both these tracks were produced by Ross and Rocky who are adamant on creating music for themselves by themselves instead of the Hollywood label way of things.

Touring in Unknown Territory

We were lucky enough to experience The Driver Era’s debut tour back in March. We were somewhat nervous to attend a concert where only three songs had been made public however the whole album was to be played. Being robbed of the invigorating opportunity to sing at the top of our lungs along with an artist we adored seemed disappointing. However, boy were we wrong. It was exhilarating to hear the unreleased album for the very first time live. Having this experience affected the way that we listen to the album now by forming a nostalgic connection in our hearts making it far more addictive. Ross’s theatrical stage persona and passionate vocals and Rocky’s electrifying guitar were the perfect recipe for an unforgettable evening. One song that truly stood out was a track titled Welcome to the End of Your Life which scrutinizes the money- hungry music business with complex transitions that will definitely surprise you.

One of the most high energy songs we encountered at the live show was Scared of Heights which unravels the reality and sacrifices that come with falling deeply in love over and over again. The song immediately crashes through the speakers with rowdy guitar and mimics a tidal wave in the way that the energy heightens and lessens.

This mysterious tour made our first experience with the album a physical, emotional, and visual nirvana. After the show, we met these experimental brothers and we’re not even surprised to meet such genuine and down to earth artists, something which is pretty rare nowadays and can truly make a difference. These young Mozart’s are truly creating music that matters to them and adore playing for their beloved fans. The Driver Era is a testament to musicians that it is possible and far more rewarding to produce music that makes you feel alive and challenges you to think on a deeper level.

Leaving Us in Afterglow

The Driver Era is a genre-less band that is paving a road for a new age of music symbolic of constant progression and leaving past lifestyles, habits, and limitations in the past. The album X has been available to the masses for a few months now. Every track on the album is unique and independent, full of well thought out transitions and experimental chord progressions. While it is a very complex album, the lyrics and messages that it proclaims are easy to resonate with and speak to the hearts of us all. If this is your first time being exposed to The Driver Era, we encourage you to find the nearest set of headphones and allow yourself to become immersed in this band. Two new singles have just been released A Kiss and Forever Always along with an entire 2020 world tour. Big things are coming for Ross and Rocky Lynch and we are excited to see where this world takes them. This is the future of music; this is The Driver Era.

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