Entering the Beautiful Mind of Jon Bellion: Phoenix, AZ @ Crescent Ballroom

The mind of Jon Bellion can truly only be described one way; chaotically beautiful. Bellion’s symphony of sway is composed of lyrics that unravel the purpose of life; intertwined in transcendent chord progressions that ignite the soul. Founded by addicting beats, mesmerizing sounds, and intricate lyrics, the boundless Bellion is here to stay. The lights dimmed and the stage was graced by the classic Mr. Bellion Sir smirk and mad scientist energy that instantly fueled the crowd’s fire.  We had the opportunity to attend Jon Bellion’s sold out acoustic show at the Crescent Ballroom this past weekend and were perplexed by his ability to orchestrate a contagious energy that enveloped the room.

Just Your Average Kid from Long Island 

While some artists have the power to cause fans to feel starstruck when setting the stage, the Beautiful Mind crew makes you feel as if they are an estranged family member you haven’t seen in quite some time. By sharing satire, comedy, and genuine interactions with the crowd Jon Bellion allows you to see music isn’t serious; but rather it is comforting and it is home. Throughout the show, members of the audience were able to offer up personal gifts and even were lucky enough to get items autographed by the man himself in between songs. At the start of the show, it was explained to the fans that there was no preconceived setlist, giving the crowd the opportunity to determine what songs were going to be played. The evening was littered with unfeigned artist to fan interactions and conversations that made the songs feel even more meaningful for listeners.

Setting Souls Aflame 

Arizona was privy to hearing Jon Bellion’s unreleased track Holy. A bargain was made that if the audience refrained from recording the unreleased song, Bellion would release the song the next week. Thus, we anxiously await him to hold up his side of the bargain. We can’t say much about the song other than it being an inspired and emotional ballad that caused eyes to water. Along with this unreleased track, the fan-picked setlist was a collection of pieces from all of his albums such as Woodstock, Blu, Luxury, Stupid Deep, Guillotine, and many more. All the songs were solely accompanied by an acoustic guitar and a Cajon making it simple and sweet. Jon Bellion’s angelic vocals softened the hearts of the masses and demolished all barriers. In the middle of the song Stupid Deep, the artist sincerely preached to the fans. “The reason why I love music so much is it brings people together for a reason. Despite what’s going on in the country, despite the madness that’s happening on your television screens and what people choose to make you believe through your phones. Tonight under this roof despite your orientation, skin color, where you’re from; you’re all welcome here tonight”. It is very clear that the singer understands that his fans have been broken and beaten and he yearns to provide a safe haven within his music.

For The Dreamers
The curtain was closed on the jam session but the message will live on in fan’s hearts for a long time. If your heart is heavy from not being able to witness this acoustic show; have no fear. After the show, we were able to talk to Jon before he headed back home and he spilled, “I want to do this again. We were just talking and i feel like an acoustic tour would be great”. He then proceeded to express his undying appreciation and loving gratitude to the final straggling devotees before giving his final goodbye. You may be in luck now that the creative mind of Jon Bellion has a concept idea for an acoustic tour swimming amongst it. Whatever happens though, Jon Bellion fans have much to look forward to in 2020 from new singles, features and production on other artist’s tracks, and a possible intimate acoustic tour. The young college dropout turned mastermind maestro has already achieved jaw dropping success via a Grammy, several world tours, collaboration with renowned record producers such as Quincy Jones, and much more. With that being said, we are excited to see where this beautiful mind takes us next.

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