Make Music Stronger in 2020 : Virtual charity shows

No 2020 isn’t canceled. Because cancel culture never helped anyone, it’s time to learn new things, share knowledge and love for music, raise awareness and grow up all together to enjoy music better. Let’s learn from yesterday to build today and enjoy tomorrow more. We create this new section on our website to show you how to consume music differently in 2020, enjoy music from home and support artists and the whole industry.

Today we are talking about:

Virtual charity shows: Hot Topic x Mental Health America

In 2020, virtual concerts and festivals are everywhere. It’s the opportunity to discover new bands and donate money to important causes at the same time. Today, we wanna draw your attention to Mental Health, a cause we are following for years now. The lineup is also pretty sick: the english guys from As It Is, glam-rock/hard rock band Black Veil Brides, De’wayne who worked with Waterparks and The Word Alive.

To watch the livestream on Veeps (10.10.20), you can donate 10$ (or more). The benefits will go to Mental Health America. The cherry on top? Mikey Way, bassist of My Chemical Romance who’s is also really involved in the cause, will host the concert.

Discover the whole lineup:

Let’s get the party started?

Cick here to buy your ticket.

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