On the road with: Greta Van Fleet – US tour, CA

Oh California, our heart is coming « home »: we were lucky enough to see Greta Van Fleet in San Francisco and both nights on the iconic Sunset Boulevard and here are our best memories.

All you need is love;
Beautiful souls and spiritual connection

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHave you met the peaceful army? The well named fans of Greta Van Fleet are the loveliest crowd: united, positive, caring… Josh, Jake, Sam and Danny have found a public just like them. Attending a Greta Van Fleet’s show is a whole experience that makes you feel good. Treat yourself. You deserve it. Spend a moment with this army.

But it’s not only all about the fans. The guys know how to speak to your soul. Explaining their music with words make no sense, you have to experience it live to understand its power, it’s electrifying. The connection is almost spiritual, the vibe out of time; The band brings Rock’n’roll and its great shows back to life.


Born under a good sign;
Four gifted men ready to rock


If Josh has all your attention, the other members are in fusion with their instruments, all with a big smile on their faces. They don’t only play the music. They feel it. If you like the songs on the album, get yourselves ready for the live experience. It’s gonna give you goose bumps. What powerful music! The guitar is singing to our soul while the rhythm makes our heart beat and Josh’s voice… what a voice, man! Everything seems so natural for these four men, so easy. Pretty little thing called talent.

Every day is a new day;
Evolving setlists and jam sessions

If you don’t like jam sessions, stay home because Greta Van Fleet are here to set the stage on fire with powerful solos (for everyone) and new readjustments. They love taking risks and trying new things, they listen to their hearts. Every show is a brand new experience. The setlist is always changing and it never fails to surprise us. You probably won’t hear every night Black Flag Exposition or Lover, Leaver (Taker, Believer) but it’s just an opportunity to discover live other interesting songs such as The Cold Wind or Edge Of Darkness.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe already expected two covers: The Music Is You by John Denver and Watch Me by Labi Siffre. But what a surprise when we heard San Francisco by Scott Mckenzie. We definitely met some gentle people there. This hippie anthem embodies the story of this beautiful city really well. The emotion is real. But without any doubt, the best memory and surprise of this tour was the cover of White Room by Cream in Los Angeles, only a few hours after the death of the iconic drummer, Ginger Baker.

In love with a camera;
Your greatest showmen on your TV for 2020

With incredible outfits (we’re pretty jealous of Jake’s jackets… How many of them does he have?), we’re warned: Greta Van Fleet is here to shine: very special handmade jumpsuits, sequins, embroidered details… Some fans even suspect Josh and Jake’s matching outfits in Red Rocks to be a tribute to John Denver (Sunshine On My Shoulders). Everything is here in order to create the most fabulous show.  With a big smile on his face, Josh Kiszka is jumping everywhere, communicate with the public and even come in the pit to check some hands in Los Angeles. Cameras were here too on this tour to capture the moment and a DVD at Red Rocks is expected to be released next year.

Take another piece of our heart;
Today the US, tomorrow the world?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe curtain fell for the United States but a new day is coming really fast: the UK and the European Tour. The postponed shows are for next month and trust us, you’re not ready.

But that’s okay, you deserve to treat yourself and to be happy. See you at the next Greta Van Fleet’s show, then?


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