15 underrated Queen’s songs that are actually a BOP and you need to listen to right now

Tonight it’s The Oscars and we can’t hide our excitement to see Queen perform on stage, especially now we know that Freddie Mercury could possibly do an appearance (with holograms? On big screens?). It’s time to listen to more Queen to get in the mood and support Rami, Brian, Roger, Joe, Ben, Gwilym, Lucy and the whole team.

Even if Bohemian Rhapsody will always be the most iconic rock song of all time, there are so many Queen’s songs you need to listen to. So we are here to share with you our favourite underrated tunes well known by the fans. This is only a selection. Believe us, making such a choice isn’t easy but hey, the show must go on.

You can also CLICK HERE to listen to the whole playlist.

White Queen (As It Began…) (A Night At The Odeon – Hammersmith 1975)

In The Lap Of The Gods (Live at the Rainbow 1974)

Love Of My Life


Who Wants To Live Forever

The Prophet’s Song

Doing All Right

 Son & Daughter



Mother Love

Death On Two Legs

My Fairy King

These Are The Days Of Our Lives

No One But You


Extra songs:

because it’s all about metaphors and they are both strong enough:

I’m In Love With My Car

Sweet Lady

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