Yesterday night was The Oscars and music was in the spotlight thanks to A Star Is Born and Bohemian Rhapsody. Let’s talk about our favorite moments of our true legends. Discover the video of Queen performing last night at The Oscars and so much more !

Queen performing with Adam Lambert for a very emotional and powerful opening

Roger Taylor and Brian May still rock us after all this time. And what about Adam Lambert? The singer did an amazing job there with such an impressive voice and showed us he’s definitely a great showman. Even Freddie was there with a final appearence on the big screen. If you hadn’t cried at this point, they got you there.

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga singing together and looking at each other with so much affection

Adam Lambert and the cast of Bohemian Rhapsody being cute together on the red-carpet

The Bohemian Rhapsody’s cast singing We Will Rock You…

or at least, they tried

Someone to fix this boe tie please?

53020132_790917114608281_7207976530335498240_n (1)
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Lucy Boynton’s makeup…

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L U C Y • B O Y N T O N 🇬🇧 High Society Hues… Inspired by the mood in the air. It was warmer than it has been in weeks yesterday and the sun was shining bright without a cloud in the sky!! I didn’t know what look I was going to do until I walked out on her balcony and said- wow all of a Sunday winter is over and the warmth is coming back!! I instantly wanted to create a look that epitomized those spring feelings. A rose garden in full bloom with golden hour sun hitting each pink petal creating a magical dream like palette and the perfect compliment for this rich and decadent @rodarte gown!! Hair @jennychohair Makeup by me #jobakermakeupartist …you can plan and come up with the exact look you want to do…then arrive and be swayed in a different direction by a number of things….stay open and constantly be inspired by all that is around you because the beauty is everywhere.

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Always so iconic and created by the gifted Jo Baker.

Lady Gaga wearing Audrey Hepburn Tiffany’s neckless…

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Iconic and so expensive, a legendary diamond for a true legend.

But did you notice this similarity?

Ben Hardy wearing a white suit made the whole Twitter fall in love…and suggest the conspiracy theory:

Did anyone forget to inform Ben about the black suit? The whole Twitter really laughed at this idea.

If you watch some old Queen shows or appearances you can notifice that Roger was really used to having his own style. Everyone is wearing a white outfit on stage? Well, he’s not. So what if Ben just paid here another tribute to his icon? This is not the first time though: same pants, facial expressions and quotes…

He even striked a pause for the camera with his sunglasses to recreate this iconic expression:

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He also convinced the guys to join the movement:

And being definitely the Roger Taylor we all deserve

Here’s what happens when some rude journalist is saying something inappropriate (and so wrong) about Queen and you are a smart & polite British boy: « Have you seen Roger in the 70s? He’s still very handsome now but in the 70s I might have turned. That’s all I’m gonna say. »

Lady Gaga’s speech paying tribute to Bradley Cooper

Lady Gaga being in tears made us all very emotional

Greg Williams  ©


Rami Malek’s really smart and cute speech about Freddie, the movie, immigration, Queen, his family and his co-stars…

and the love of his life, Lucy Boynton


Rami Malek falling off the stage (but like a Queen)

This fall was pretty impressive. Did Rami disappear in a hole like in a cartoon? Even if we actually laugh at watching people dramatically fall because we’re only humans, we truly hope it didn’t hurt.

And last but not least…

Lady Gaga and Madonna.jpg
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