On the road with WATERPARKS – From London to Paris (Photos)

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Entertainment came out on January 26 and WATERPARKS wanted to celebrate it with their European fans. Back on tour, Awsten, Geoff and Otto invited DEAD! and Patent Pending to join them on stage. This time was really special since the guys had planned their biggest show at Koko and their very first one in France.
So here we are, on the road with WATERPARKS for a fun journey between London and Paris.  Let’s meet the guys backstage after their mic drop to speak about this brand new experience (interview’s coming soon).

Positive, dancing, filled with various influences such as pop and electro, the sound of WATERPARKS is very refreshing and different from most of all the mainstream rock songs on the radio and that’s why we definitely needed to live the live experience.
So we put away our black clothes and got ready for ENTERTAINEMENT.




The British band DEAD! starts the show with their very old school rock’n’roll sound.
Add a Baz Luhrmann’s romantic aesthetic to this and you could capture the wild spirit of the band. DEAD! just give us goosebumps with their brand new album on stage, The Golden Age of Not Even Trying. We’re not in year 2018 anymore. Maybe this mythical rock’n’roll venue helps creating such an atmosphere but the guys do have something special, almost out of time with a romantic nostalgia.



On the setlist, 8 out of the 9 songs from the record. The only survivor from the first EP is Skin, great on stage but radically different from the new DEAD!. The band has definitely found its own style and it fits perfectly with its onstage energy as we can hear with the first song THE BOYS ✞ THE BOYS. We find ourselves lost in the London streets with the very rock’n’roll sound of the guitar. The first mosh pits are already here and the crowd is crazy.

IMG_0523What a great and unexpected surprise for us to discover such a new sound in London but it seems that the guys already have their own fans here and in France too.
The crowd sings Enough, Enough, Enough and The Golden Age of Not Even Trying along. Playing live seems really natural for the band and now everybody is seduced by the sweet energy of Jessica, W9 and You’re So Cheap, probably our favorite song from this tour.


Coming soon : our video interview with DEAD!, so keep an eye open.

Setlist :

  1. The Boys † The Boys
  2. Enough, Enough, Enough
  3. Petrol & Anaesthetic
  4. Up for Ran$om
  5. Skin
  6. W9
  7. Jessica
  8. The Golden Age of Not Even Trying
  9. You’re So Cheap

Patent pending

English and Irish people are pretty lucky because Patent Pending joined WATERPARKS for a few shows. Weirdo, Pop-Punk and really fun, the band really knows how to party. The energy grows with songs like I Already Know (She Don’t Give a Shit About Me) and Anti-Everything.

Joe Ragosta and Corey DeVincenzo take the crowdsurfing to the next level and begin a swimming competition on Psycho in Love. Stop everything, a fan filmed it and we’re sharing this with you right here.

Even if the crowd is pretty young in London and almost didn’t even know Cascada, we can really enjoy the powerful Pop Punk cover of Everytime We Touch. Guys, you know how to speak to us…

No jealousy, Patent Pending is here for 9 songs too and it’s so Pop Punk that we couldn’t resist their beat and humor any longer when they finished their set with the very poetic Douchebag.

Setlist :

  1. I Already Know (She Don’t Give a Shit About Me)
  2. Anti-Everything
  3. Let Go
  4. Psycho in Love
  5. Classic You
  6. Everytime We Touch (Cascada cover)
  7. Hey Mario
  8. Brighter
  9. Douchebag



Awsten, Geoff and Otto arrive on stage with 11:11, the first track of the new album and truly one of our favorites. This powerful entrance is followed by Blonde and its communicative joy. The French venue may be smaller, the atmosphere is no less intense. It’s their very first time in France and most of the fans came to Paris just for the band and followed them on the European road…Wait, just like we did actually. So it seems that Above the Noise has a brand new favorite band.

Most of the bands just use the name of their latest album to promote their tours but often play the same old songs. With WATERPARKS the challenge is real: the guys are here to introduce their brand new moves and they are not here just to enjoy their success, they are here to have fun with us and prove their talent to the French crowd.
In that optic, they played almost all of their new songs; the only one missing is Rare, the well-named. Let’s hope we can find this Easter egg on next tours.


Double Dare isn’t forgotten by the way. Watch us dance on the really Pop ones Take Her To The Moon and Stupid For You while our Pop Punk heart enjoys Crave and Royal so much. These guys know how to have fun on stage but also in the creation process of the songs.

Not limited to the “rock aspect” including Pop and Electro and real positive vibes in their songs, WATERPARKS allow themselves to explore music to entertain us with truly interesting subtle songs. People sing, dance, laugh, drink with their friends, they are just having a great time all together. They get the main purpose of music and that’s pretty beautiful.

As many of the fans here on this tour, we are waiting for the very emotional 21 Questions but its little sister, Lucky People, comforts us.
Alone, in front of us, Awsten plays an acoustic version and makes fun of the fans that really seem way too happy for a sad song .



Poor Otto was sick during the first part of the tour but we almost forgot about it.
Without his mask on his face, it’d be impossible to notice it. His powerful drumming is everything we need to be in a good mood. Some fans even saw Otto after the gig helping the roadies with the equipment as usual. He’s really nice and professional this Otto, isn’t he?
We do regret the poor stage and light management in Paris where Otto is almost invisible. Not cool…

If Sleep Alone was already a little nugget, it never sounded as good as on stage. But the best is yet to come with Crybaby followed by TANTRUM during the encore. The maddest track of WATERPARKS seems to be the new favorite song of the Parxaddict and we do agree. How iconic and ironic is it to see the sweet guys of WATERPARKS pretending to be mean (come on, really?). They leave the stage while we can hear the voice claim :
« Thank you for coming by. Today was a very good day”. Is there a better way to finish a Waterparks show than being that dramatic?
Absolutely not.



The small French venue did help the band creating an intimate vibe and the gig turned really quickly into a friends reunion. That’s the perfect wat to finish the tour.

More than ever, we were so in love with the dancing beat of Take Her to the Moon, the touching Lucky People and the powerful TANTRUM. 11:11 and We Need to Talk were the biggest surprises of this tour and just proved us once again that WATERPARKS are real performers.

Wanna catch WATERPARKS again? The guys will be at the very last Vans Warped Tour. Believe us…You can’t miss it (‘cause we actually already miss them).

Coming soon : our video interview of WATERPARKS


  1. 11:11
  2. Blonde
  3. Peach (Lobotomy)
  4. Crave
  5. Take Her to the Moon
  6. Royal
  7. Sleep Alone
  8. Lucky People
  9. Not Warriors
  10. We Need to Talk
  11. Stupid For You


  12. Crybaby



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