Sleeping with Sirens @TRIX, Antwerp : 15 things to remember

The venue is small and the stage VERY close…
This is truely a real up close & personal and we love it. The guys are close to their fans and not only on stage. They also took photos, gave autographes and hugs before and after the show. No VIP. Only family.giphy

Fans are really dedicated to the band
At 10 a.m 30 fans are already here in the cold. You guys are legends !giphy (2)

They played Gossip on stage and it was so good
And so unexpected.

Legends sounds like a new anthem 
And it’s quite like a new The Stray.tumblr_ntwp2qvdKl1rnw24oo1_500

Jack’s guitar solos are pure art
Nothing to add.
giphy (11)

Congratulations is still the best song on stage
All this energy…

and Better Off Dead is still breaking our heartgiphy (14).gif

Justin and Jack are sadomasochists tonight
In case you missed it, it was Halloween (just a useful reminder)giphy (12)

And Kellin was such a better vampire than Edward Cullen
Sorry but seriously look at this pretty pretty bloody face. But relax Kellin, you’re not bleeding for real (here’s just another reminder).
giphy (10)
Kellin’s voice is stunning
We actually could write a book but we will only say : he’s voice is high and so well controlled. And we’re pretty sure Heaven kinda sounds like this.giphy (3)

There ‘s a badass unicorn playing drums
And it was it’s birthday !
giphy (17).gif

They played 3 acoustic songs
With Ears to See, and Eyes to Hear, Gossip and Roger Rabbit.
giphy (20)

The show last 1h30
And so we had one more song than Russia .tumblr_nqeo1vWHPr1tdoe9ao1_500

Kellin has a new pretty cool haircut …
Such as Justin and Nick had pink hair…and there’s air in the air….
Useless statement but cute hair though.tumblr_oduqo9TApp1vxnvnjo5_500

We already miss them and we can’t wait so see them again (and again, and again…)
So we’ll be at Le Bataclan in Paris. And you, what’s your next one ?giphy (18).gif

Setlist :

Tally It Up: Settle the Score
Empire to Ashes
We Like It Loud
Better Off Dead
Here We Go
A Trophy Father’s Trophy Son
Scene Five: With Ears to See, and Eyes to Hear
Gossip (Acoustic)
Scene Two: Roger Rabbit
If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn
Kick Me
If You Can’t Hang
















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