OUR LAST NIGHT : Interview – On their way to Paris (ENG)

Version française

Powerful, effective, smart, Selective Hearing is definitely one of the best EP of the year.
Now it’s time to enjoy it on stage. Our Last Night is currently on their European tour and you can’t miss it ! We had a little talk with the guys and we want to share it with you.
Let’s meet the band the day before their show in Paris (live report coming soon).

Hello guys, your European tour has started few days ago, how is it going?  

It’s going really well thanks. We didn’t know what to expect going into the tour but the ticket sales have been incredible and each show is better than the last.

Had you have time to meet your fans yet? I know you plan some moments with them. Is it important to you to take this special time to speak with them?

Yes we have been lucky enough to meet at every show. Our fans are the reason we are able to do this. So it’s really important to make sure they feel connected to us. We just try to be as available to them as possible.

I heard that you want to go back to your old sound, is that right? What do you expect from the future?

That is not true. The future will be the best thing you have ever heard.

Let’s talk about your show in Paris. It’s not always easy to select songs to play on stage. What can we expect from that show?

You’ll have to come to the show and find out. But it is the longest set we have ever done, we are playing 20 songs.

Give us 3 words to describe your shows.

Amazing, empowering, inclusive!

You do so many covers. How do you choose these songs?

We keep a look on what’s kicking off on Spotify and see what we like and then choose.

You hesitated to do a cover of Kendrick Lamar and finally did it just the way you wanted and killed it. It’s so great to see a band who want to keep its integrity no matter what and truly respect music for what it is. What does music truly mean to you?  In some ways, don’t you think that sometimes social and abusive managements are « killing » music?

Music is about connecting everyone, and is a release. Oh for sure.

Let’s talk about « Selective Hearing ». Why did you choose to do an EP instead of an album?

We wanted to focus more on the songs rather than just releasing 3 extra songs to call it an album.

Give us your selective hearing: 3 new songs you really want us to listen to because you really like them.

Everything from Justin Bieber!

What do you want to say to your french fans?

We love you all, thanks for your support and we can’t wait to meet you all.


If you missed it, Ivory Tower‘s video is here. Watch, love, share.

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