Teatro d’Ira – Vol.1: Our favorite Måneskin songs

Måneskin’s cover of Beggin’ is great but the band released a new album this year, Teatro D’Ira, and here are our favorite tracks.


Of course, you know this song except if you spent the last month under a rock. The band won The Eurovision 2021 with this bop and now we’re totally obsessed with it. You’ll never please everybody. Zitti E Buoni is a friendly reminder to stay true to yourself no matter what.

Favorite lyrics:
« Troppe notti stavo chiuso fuori. Mo’ li prendo a calci ‘sti portoni. »

[Too many nights I’ve spent locked outside. Now I’m kicking these doorways.]


It’s probably our favorite Måneskin song and guitar solo. Just like Zitti E Buoni, Vent’anni wants you to stay wild and free in Vent’anni. It’s not a cry of revolt anymore but it’s an ode to youth, sweet and poetic.Being twenty is a lot of pressure. You’re still young, full of hope and dreams but you’re also an adult so everyone expects you to grow up and change. The music video is dark, bucolic and romantic).

Favorite lyrics:
« E già chiedo perdono per gli sbagli che ho commesso. Ma la strada è più dura quando stai puntando al cielo. Quindi scegli le cose che son davvero importanti. Scegli amore o diamanti, demoni o santi. »

[But the road is harder when you’re reaching for the sky so choose the things that are truly important. Choose love or diamonds, demons or saints.]


Here’s our second favorite. It actually sounds like 2 or 3 totally different songs mixed together. It tells us the tragic story of a strong woman who wanted to escape from her life but who’s scared and exhausted.

Favorite lyrics:
“Coraline vuole il mare ma ha paura dell’acqua e forse il mare è dentro di lei. E ogni parola è un’ascia, un taglio sulla schiena come una zattera che naviga in un fiume in piena, e forse il fiume è dentro di lei.”

[Coraline wants the sea but she’s afraid of the water and maybe the sea is inside of her.
And every word is an axe, a wound in the back like a raft sailing on a swollen river, and maybe the river is inside of her.]


What a bassline and hypnotic riff! Even if I Wanna Be Your Slave is really sexual, Måneskin write their songs like poems.

Favorite lyrics:
I wanna touch your body so fucking electric. I know you’re scared of me, you said that I’m too eccentric.I’m crying all my tears and that’s fucking pathetic.”


La Paura Del Buio is a perfect mix of what Måneskin is made of : sweet poetry and sexy aggressive lyrics. We really love the end of the song with the echoing voice giving us goosebumps.

Favorite lyrics:
Mi guardo allo specchio ed immagino di essere al circo su una giostra di felicità e non voglio andare giù anche se non mi diverto più.”

[I look in the mirror and I imagine being in a circus on a merry-go-round of happiness and I don’t want to get off of it even if I’m not having fun anymore.]

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