Frank Iero and The Future Violents just dropped a music video for Basement Eyes

We didn’t really expect much content of Frank Iero and The Future Violents since he’s back with My Chemical Romance, but we’re glad he succeeds in working on both projects. Not all heroes wear capes, some of them are able to be the guitarist of one of the most influential bands in the world right now and to sing in his own band. Okay by « some of them », we meant Frank Iero. He was already famous for being a really passionate guitarist but being behind the mic, man, this is something different. It’s expressing what is deep inside of you with words. It’s being listen to differently, carefully.

Barriers has been released last year and the band just dropped the new music video for one of our favorite songs: Basement Eyes. For the occasion, Frank invites everyone of us where everything begins and finishes for creative minds: in his basement. This isolated place almost secret where creation isn’t affected by the public opinion, where it’s not about business, only passion. The really grunge aesthetic video, but also merch and fan arts, makes us feel even more nostalgic. The song already sounded like an ode to creation and pure Art with its moments of excitement and its moments of doubt. The simplicity of this video completes the job.

When Music is just a job, there’s no emotions, everything’s so sterile. But when music is as important as the oxygen that you’re breathing, some interesting things happen. Frank Iero is one of these passionate souls and to explain his feeling and the story behind the song, he shared a really touching message on Facebook and Instagram. He concludes with:

Living a creative life we tend to gravitate toward other like minded people. real recognizes real. sometimes you start bands together or collaborate in some way, sometimes just being around one another is enough, and even though these partnerships may be fleeting, you tend to continue in a strange orbit occasionally meeting again somewhere along the way. Time passes, and life happens, and i have seen people i hung out in basements with neglect their fires. like a body needs vitamins and nutrients, our souls need to create… and when that fire is extinguished, the hunger dies.
Basement Eyes is a song about that experience, now with a video that we filmed in my basement. enjoi.

Frank Iero is here to listen to his heart, we could even say, to listen to his gut. No barriers. Just pure creation and freedom. Art.

My Chemical Romance will be back on tour this summer. Don’t miss it!

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