Interview: YUNGBLUD @ Paris (ENG)

Hi Dom, how is it to be back in France?

It’s so so cool. The past two shows were fuck**g crazy. I love everytime I come back to France. People are so passionate. It’s part of your culture. I don’t know I just love the past two nights. It was just amazing.

Last time you came, you played in a smallest venue but this last weekend you played 2 sold out shows in a row in a large theater. How do you explain such a quick success?

Dude, it’s crazy. I don’t know. I just found my community really fast and they found me. It’s really deep. It’s really funny because at the beginning, all Yungblug was just a call out for people that were feeling like me. And I love how people are and it’s growing quicker and quicker every day.

I feel like Yungblud isn’t just you but a whole community…

Yeah dude, it’s an idea and my music is the soundtrack to that idea.

You did many festivals this summer and maybe it can help to find new fans but it can be really stressfull because sometimes people don’t know you at all. Do you love this kind of challenge?

I love festivals because there’s this moment when you arrive on stage and there’s thousands of people there and you feel like « F**k! ». Even in America, Belgium or anywhere, people are turning up…

I was there in Werchter. You were playing mainstage, it was quite impressive with all those people there…

That one was mental! It was one oclock on main stage. Normally it’s someting at this time like 5,000 people and actually 30,000 turned up. I was like  » whaaaat? ».

Your last EP, The Underrated Youth , was released last month, how did you work on this one?

On the road. It’s all inspired by the people. The first album was so much about my head, the way I thought. This EP is about my heart. My fanbase, my community, gave me hope, an acceptance of myself. They take cares of my insecurities. They are protecting my heart. That is how I feel. We have this connection. During my shows you can see it. There’s no blinkers, there’s no censorship. There’s no reason to hold back.

You did some collabs lately, with Marshmello or even Dan Reynolds. How did you choose the artists your worked with?

They actually reached out to me. Dan was like « you’re doing Rock, you’re the Rock kid. » I mean they’re no more young people doing Rock right now. Not really. So I really love doing something Rock, I was really interested. And me and Marshmello… He’s a rock kid too. They are awesome. Both of them. It’s really crazy being reached out to artists because I’m in my own bubble. And then people are saying you’re cool and inspiring. That’s crazy. I love to collaborate. When you do it you have to see different cultures…

Yes because you’re not only Rock, I feel like it’s another way to say « f**k to music boundaries. Just let’s do some cool music… »

Oh yeah fuck to every boundaries. In terms of gender, in terms of races, sexuality… Boundaries are for f**king chickens man. F**k that, be who you want, whoever you are.

The first time we see you you look like the Punk kid but when we get to know you, you have such a positive personality…

They’re so many misconceptions about me like I’m the kid who hate the world but no, I love the World. I just want people to love eachother. My version of being Punk isn’t hating people but uniting them. Music is a platform. Even if people in your intimate life hate you, here you can be whoever you want.

What was the most challenging song you wrote on this album?

Casual Sabotage. It’s where I really had to look inside myself. It was the first time I wrote about my heart, about being really vunerable and showing your heart to the world and don’t know if they’re gonna stab it or kiss it. You just have to trust, to believe in yourself because you gave 100% of yourself in it. If people stab it, it’s their problem. If people kiss it, it’s their problem, you know.

And what’s next for 2020?

A new album is coming next year, for maybe spring or summer. It’s a concept album I’ve been working on for a while. I don’t wanna say too much right now because it’s not completely finished yet but it’s coming very soon…

I heard the released of your last EP was posponed because you wanted it to be perfect. Is that true?

Yes. My fans give me so much, it needed to be perfect. They need to be part of this story.

You’re really used meeting your fans before and after shows. I read somewhere that you don’t want to sell Meet and Great. But music industry tends more and more to be this kind of business now. Is it something really important for you to stay approachable no matter what?

Always! I will still be there after my Arena shows. I’m not different to the people who listen to my music. Why do they have to pay to meet someone like them? I’m one of you. Yungblud is 50% me, 50% you. I am them. They are me. We’re together.

Do you want to say something to your french fans?

I was completely blown away by the passion and the love for these past two shows and I can’t wait to come back and to find new people. Because there are more people out there in France but also London, Bristol, America, Perth, India… and I wanna find you and bring you here.

So maybe next time, see you at the Arena?

Well, we’ll see. Thank you, Rockstar!

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