Wanna hear their first EP on stage? The Faim is actually on tour in Europe with Against The Current. Be ready before their show in Paris next month with our interview of Stephen Beerkens .


Your first EP, Summer is a Curse was released a few days ago. How did you work on this one? I heard you worked with John Feldmann and some other great guests.

It was amazing to work with such great artists. Each person brought their own unique perspective to the table and helped us learn more about songwriting. The writing sessions began by simply talking about the direction we wanted to take the song and the concept that we wanted to write about. We would mostly write at the piano or with an acoustic guitar, then build up the production to compliment the vocals and melody after the song had been written.

Saints of the Sinners” isn’t that old but I feel like your sound is already taking a new direction and your EP seems to be perfect to be played on stage with really strong chorus. Did touring a lot before releasing the EP influence your style and work?

Diversity in sound is something we’ve always strived for as a band. We want our music to reflect all the sides of our personalities, and to not be confined to one genre. When writing, we always keep in mind the translation to a live performance. Envisioning playing the song live definitely plays a big role in the songwriting process.

In the last song of the EP, you’re telling us to be ready for the future… Well it seems that something is happening here, so what’s your future ambition?

Our future ambition is to share our music with people all around the world, and bring people together through their love for music.

You’re actually on tour in Europe with Against the Current and will be pretty soon in Paris. What do you expect from the French audience and this gig?

We can’t wait to play our first ever show in France and are looking forward to meeting and chatting with everyone who comes down to the show.

Stephen Beerkens’ playlist:

The Dangerous Summer – Infinite

A R I Z O N A – What She Wants

The Night Game – Bad Girls Don’t Cry

Imagine Dragons – Natural

Boston Manor – England’s Dreaming

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