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Who’s Twin Wild ? The British rockers were in Paris for their first show this December. Let’s meet the band and speak about their projects.


« Twin wild is the love child of Bastille and Biffy Clyro. » What do you think about this description of your band found on the Internet? Is it correct?
It’s a very kind comparison; we love both bands, maybe because we combine pop music and rock. We do love pop music, we’re not ashamed about it but we really love the energy of rock shows too. It’s a weird balance. It means that we are a rock band without hate of pop but not a pop band… We are not pop rock! (laugh)
Do you think there’s a huge different between the English rock and the American rock?
Oh yeah, it seems that British bands have quite more soul. If there’s a blind test I’d be able to find which ones are English and which ones are American even without the lyrics. I think it’s more perceptible with the big bands. It’s actually funny because there’s lot of British bands that sing with an American accent but not many Americans sing with the British accent. (laugh)
Which one of your songs describes you the best?
Actually, we have quite new songs we’re gonna play tonight and one of them really represents who we are now… My Heart is also a good example of who we really are as a band and it shows clearly where we are going.
There’re two EPs for the moment and no album. Is it your own choice?
We’re gonna do a hundred EPs…(laugh) And enjoy it together. It’s partly a choice and party it’s music industry. We don’t really have a plan like « okay we’re gonna do 3 or 4 EPs before to release an album ». We just allowed us to explore our sound a little bit. We love so many different kinds of music and we try to encapsulate it, influences and energy, in our songs. And we could see what people like with the UK tour last year.
When we play live, we can see the right connection with the crowd and people reactions. We basically have the album in terms of demos and songs and we pretty like them but for the moment we want to go on tour, play new songs and experience them live. We’re now mentally closer to do an album than ever…and physically, and spiritually (laugh).
Can you speak a little more about the new songs you’re gonna play tonight?
There’s a couple. We just recorded two new tracks. These songs we’re gonna play tonight show a clear move. They really embody what we originally wanted. They show a side of us we’re so attached to. We have to practice them because one of them, in particular, will be play for the first time on stage tonight. You can immediately feel that we try to do something with these tracks. It’s the first time we’re working so hard on the lyrics. It’s the first time we write a song all together. Most of the time, it’s just like two or three of us. This time, we wrote songs all together and it’s about everything we lived recently.
So, where do you find your inspiration?
We listen to a lot of music so it could be soul, rap or rock music. We have so many influences. Most of the time it’s all about our feelings… (laugh). That’s what you do with your old friends: you talk about real life, things that affect you. We started to have these conversations several times and then we have a sound and we’re like “Oh maybe be we could talk about what we said the other day in that song… Then we realized the sound encapsulates perfectly the feelings with the lyrics. It’s a really fun process, exploring.
You played on stage with bands like PVRIS, Nothing But Thieves and You Me At Six. What did you learn from these shows? It could be very educative…
Our producer at this time worked with Nothing But Thieves and we heard some of their tracks before they released anything…They just released one track actually. The tour was great. Adam (ndrl the producer) called them: « hey check that band; they’d love to support your band on that tour. » He played them some tracks…. PVRIS has intense live shows too. We do love this connection they have with the public. It’s the perfect example of how to get energy in a crowd. And for You Me At Six it’s kind of funny because we were at school with some of them. We did really good shows with PVRIS. On stage there’s so much energy, it’s really powerful and we saw the reaction that tyhe crowd had and we were like « Whao! That’s how you put on a show! ». We understood that we want a quite similar energy and they teach us more about connection.
Do you have new projects for next year?
Yeah, we have few projects. There’s an acoustic EP coming early this year… New songs, new shows…We just can’t wait to see the reactions to these tracks actually. That’s what we love. I think it’s the first time we are so proud of our songs and we want to see what you think about it. It’s really exciting and, maybe not a lot of pressure but, we really have different kind of feelings. It’s not easy to share something that you’re really attached but we hope you’ll like it.

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