INTERVIEW – PVRIS «We had our own battles, our ups and downs. It’s really hard to give it to the world but we try to be as strong as everyone and we let it out. Hope you’ll like it.»

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PVRIS was in Paris for a concert at the Trabendo last month. What a perfect timing to meet Brian and speak about their new album coming next August, about their actual tour with Muse and Thirty Seconds to Mars, the struggle of female rockers for visibility nowadays and so much more. So break the mirror and let’s see what’s between Heaven and Hell


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Hello Brian ! We are today in Paris, so here’s THE question… Why did you choose this name for your band ? Do you have a special relationship with our city ?

Brian : Actually, at the really beginning we chose the name of Paris in a spell of « P.A.R.I.S» like the city itself, but we had to change to P.V.R.I.S because there was already a band that had the name copyrighted « PARIS ». So, we changed and it’s much easier to find « P.V.R.I.S » anyway. We chose that name beacause one day, Lyndsey was in class, heard it and was like « That’s could be a really cool name ». This name just fit perfectly because the band is so near from Paris itself. I mean there’s this darkside in Paris but at the same time so much beauty inside and that was a fitting name for us.

And do you know some french ?

Brian : Yeah, I do. I know a little bit, like « Merci » and « C’est ma maison » («That’s my house »). The reason I know and remember it’s because a french fan told me that the first time I came here as My House is a name of one of our song.

Unfortunatly, it’s seems there’re less and less famous females fronted rock bands. How do you think Lynn feels about it ?

Brian : She is the number one rockstar in my heart. You know with the guys we really know her well and we’re not like « Oh she’s a woman… ». She’s just definitely a nice person and a great female artist. She’s a very strong figure and she definitely have the voice we need for this band. She has a fantastic voice.

But why do you think it’s so hard for women in rock scene nowadays ?

Brian : It seems like people perceive women in rock scene as they are not able to do what we can do. What is totally not okay because most of my favorite artists are female. They are more way badass. That shouldn’t be a thing anymore but it is and it upsets me. Lynn is definitely that voice that can show the others and this industry that women can do it and you have to keep going, to keep fighting and bring some female artists on tour. Please, show what you can do. Don’t let anyone says that you can’t because of your gender. One of the first things people are used to say is that you can’t do this and it’s like « those things are for men »…« Men listen, I’m gonna keep doing it. I’m gonna show you that you are wrong ». And I love that about Lynn ‘cause she’s one of the strongest woman I know.

PVRIS has is own univers with a special rock and chic atmosphere we can see in your videos but in artworks too. Is aesthetic so important to you ? How did you have all these ideas ?

Brian : Oh yeah, it is. Visually, we wanted to keep a certain aesthetic for the look of our band. We are just like stuck with it and it’s important to keep our aesthetic for each of our videos. Lynn and our director just sit down everytime and talk to put pieces together and try to make it come across in the most possible way and connect the lyrics with the visual. They clean up all that mess and create our univers. For the last album, we create a video for every song and we wanted to carry people through our videos with the mirror as a portal and you can see the story through it. Lynn and our director work so great together and get all the ideas across.

In the first teaser of your next album, Lynn breaks the mirror, does it mean it’s the end of something ?

Brian : I think I can say it kinda symbolizes the end of an area for our band. Yeah, basically this is it : it’s over, time to move forward and to show everyone the new material, the new stuff, how we’ve grown and what happened since these last few years.

This year, many rock bands have decided to totally change their sound and so their identity. What do you think about it ?

Brian : Do you think you could act the same way one day ? I’ve never looked into the future. I just wanna stay in the present moment. When we go to the studio, we are not forcing ourself straight in the music we’re doing, it just comes organically. Our music comes across darkness and I think « this » will always stay with us but sometimes you change and this is just…life.


Why did you chose an extract from a poem of Emily Dickinson for this album (All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell)? Are there any other references in it ?

Brian : Lynn really loves Emily Dickinson and told us about it. The term just fit perfectly with our album because there are a little bit of Heaven and Hell on this record and I automatically did the connection listening to our songs, I was like « okay people will understand the name of this album ». I just remember how cool it was when she told us about that name, so beautiful.

Is it correct to say that this record isn ‘t only about Heaven and Hell but also about the exploration of our own spirituality ?

Brian : Yeah, very much so. When the songs were over, we just sat down and listened again to the lyrics and we just really understood at this moment what we’ve really done, what we were going through during these last few years. We are together for so long now. We had our own battles, our ups and downs. It’s really hard to give it to the world but we try to be as strong as everyone and we let it out. Hope you’ll like it.

Are you all belivers or is it just art ?

Brian : I’d like to say that we are all very spiritual. As I said I always think about the present but our songs had something that really fit with this idea of Heaven and Hell. People are gonna feel the both sides hearing to the songs. It’s all about the feelings. And what about you and the other members of the band, are you more angels or demons ? We’re both angels and demons but I think I’m a demon ! (Laugh) Because I talk when I sleep and it sounds like I’m possessed. (Laugh)

In your video, Heaven, you all die. Can we expect the rest of the story in your following videos and see you in Heaven, Hell or maybe Pugatory ?

Brian : You have to wait to find out ! It’s a secret. I can’t give much away because we want people to want more. Actually, we always wanna share things with you but we don’t have to. It’s better like this.

Yesterday (May the 8th), you played a new song on stage called « Half », what can you say about this track ?

Brian : This track, is one of my personal favorite one on the record. I feel nostalgic listening to this song and everytime I hear the guitare on it on stage I’m like « Oh yes, this is so good». I like it too ‘cause it’s new material to play. It will be on the new record and we just can’t wait to getting it out with the the studio version.

It have been really welcomed by the audience…

Brian : Oh yeah, it was amazing. We played it three times, twice in London before and once yesterday in Paris. Anytime you play a new song for the first time you realise people don’t really know what to do but Lyndsey just gets the crowd going, creates a great energy between the crowd and us, and the interection was like they have already heard our song before. It has been taking over. Was amazing !

Did you have the opportunity to meet your french fans yesterday ?

Brian : Yeah ! We saw some of our Paris friends. Normally we’re playing more inside the cities but yesterday was more in the outskirts so we just walk around and we met some of our friends and fans there. It was a great day.

I met your fan club yesterday and they want you to know, it’s still alive…

Brian : (Laugh) I’m glad you said it. It warms my heart now. It scared me you say « You had… », I was like « Oh no ! It’s over »…but great, everything’s okay, the fan club is well !

And I heard you were a funny guy so I have a challenge : Tell me your best joke !

Brian : Oh god, that’s really hard. I’m not such a joker I’m more making scenarios up. Come on, a joke…Okay, this is a really bad one. (Laugh) That’s awefull though. « What did a bird say to another bird on New Year’s Eve ? …Whao time very flew by… ». See how bad it is ! I have dad jokes. Actually, the first time we came in Paris for a show, a fan asked me to say jokes on stage and I said this horrible joke : « Knock, knock », « Who’s there? », « Banana », « Banana who? », « Knock knock », « Who’s there? », « Banana Who? », « Knock knock », « Who’s there? », « Orange », « Orange who? », « Orange you glad I didn’t say banana ? » (Laugh). Wasn’t really good, right ? And Lyndsey was like « Wanna hear a joke ?…Life » and I was « Oh this one is really good ». (Laugh)

You’ll be soon on tour with 30 Seconds to Mars and Muse (now on tour). Can you explain us the concept behind and how this idea came out ?

Brian : We had the offer really recently. Firstly, I thought it was a joke because actually when we started the band we were thinking about those bands we wanted to work with, like goals, and we said Thirty Seconds to Mars and Muse. The both were in the list. I was really surprised but I’m really excited to meet them. We’ve never met them before but we love their sound so it’s gonna be so great !

Tomo and Christopher are really great bass players, what do you think about their play ?

Brian : Oh they are really good ones ! You know it’s not easy to play their song. It’s funny because there’s two month ago, we were in rehersals and I tried to play Hysteria (by Muse) and it was a really hard one to play. I was like « Woo ! What’s going on ?! ». It’s gonna be just amazing to share the stage with two iconic bass players like them.

And as a bass player, if you had to choose just one of their song to cover, which one would it be ?

Brian : Definitely, Hysteria by Muse. That’s a big challenge for a bass player but yeah, this is definitely THE song for me. I think I have to learn to play it now. At least, I have to try. (Laugh)

A new tour, a new album…Everything seems to be perfect for the moment but do you already know what’s next ?

Brian : For the moment, just touring and having fun with you guys. We are just excited to get this album out and play it and so different places. And of course, we’ll be back in Paris in November. Can’t wait to come back on stage here because yesterday was amazing, like a breath of fresh air for us. PVRIS in Paris it’s just perfect, it was meant to be ! We played our new songs yesterday and the reactions was just amazing so coming back soon with more new materials will be better for us.

To conclude, do you have a special message for your french fans ?

I love every single one of our french fans. You all are so beautiful and great. We just can’t wait to come back in November and play new music for everyone. It’s gonna be great ! August 4th, the record comes out, don’t miss it guys !

Have a look at our photos of their show in Paris last month right here !


Photo credits : Sam San Roman for Upset Magazine

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