Make Music Stronger in 2020: Independant music merch

No 2020 isn’t canceled. Because cancel culture never helped anyone, it’s time to learn new things, share knowledge and love for music, raise awareness and grow up all together to enjoy music better. Let’s learn from yesterday to build today and enjoy tomorrow more. We create this new section on our website to show you how to consume music differently in 2020, enjoy music from home and support artists and the whole industry.

Today we are talking about: Independant artists creating music related merch

Clothes, bags and accessories, drawings, photographies, comics, stickers… Here are only a few artists we like but you could find so much more on Instragram and Etsy.

Thunderstruck USA

Personalized jackets and clothes

Classic Rock lovers, this one is for you. David Bowie, Queen, The Who but also artists like Greta Van Fleet or Jake Bugg, Thunderstruckusa customs vintage clothes with leather, studs and glitters and send them worldwilde. You can find cool tour shirts and unique bags on the website too.

Lil Thea Customs

Personalized jackets and clothes

Put a little touch of Punk on your clothes. Thea paints on leather and jeans to create personalized jackets or trousers from France inspired by YUNGBLUD, Lil Peep, Halsey, Lady Gaga…


Decoration and bags

This artist is america latina and is a huge fan of My Chemical Romance. She creates fun candles, stickers, bags and so much more, and not only MCR related.

Marine Inhaler Tattoo

Cards and tattoos

Having a new tattoo during a pandemic isn’t always possible but some tattoo artists create really cool designs that you can actually buy online on cards or posters. Marine draws pretty little things about Stand Atlantic, Biffy Clyro, The 1975, Pale Waves…

Totes Emo


With Charlyne, add your favorite lines on a bag, a jacket or even on a little flag banner. Emo to the extremo, she quotes Pop Punk but makes it cottagecore. She quotes The Wonder Years, As It Is, The Story So Far, State Champs and all your favorite bands.

Cross Stitch Loser


Killjoys, hear the call. Cross Stitch Loser help you to do your own MCR merch and sell finished products (cute characters, logos or lyrics of MCR and of their solo projects).

Paul Harries

Photographies/ posters

Behind any picture, there’s a photographer. Better than just print a low quality picture, why don’t you buy a cool limited print of your favorite bands? For exemple, The award winning music photographer Paul Harries who worked with your favorite international Rock magazines, sells really beautiful prints of all sizes and prices of Green Day, Linkin Park, Evanescence, My Chemical Romance… You can find really iconic photoshoots and ask special requests. Buying this Art is gonna make you feel special and some of them are only 12£. Check also the smaller photographers!


Stickers, pins and patches 

Colourful things for colourful people. This English shop is gonna brighten your day with its stickers, pins and patches of RuPaul, Freddie Mercury and Billie Eilish.

Happy Humbug

Deathwish Comics (MCR) and merch

MCR fans are really creative. A lot of them sell amazing drawings, shirts and even tarot cards but Deathwish is something else. It’s a comics about My Chemical Romance by a fan of My Chemical Romance. You buy it digitally, so it’s kinda cheap and you will receive it pretty quickly.

Ludivine Angibaud

Designs & shirts

This artist creates designs for bands and charities and you can actually buy her first shirt on her website. She’s really into black and white and nostalgia and get inpired by artists such as Holding Absence and As It Is.

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