WATERPARKS : Our theories behind WE NEED TO TALK

Is Awsten really dead? The end of the WE NEED TO TALK video is clearly connected to NOT WARRIORS/CRYBABY.  What does it really mean? Tell me everything Sherlock. Here are some of our “best” theories. Friendly reminder : it’s just our opinion.

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THEORY N°1: Awsten is back from the dead… The story before NOT WARRIORS


Awsten could be definitely back from the dead. He tries to handle the situation because he’s not a crybaby so he comes back home and pretends to act normally.

He changes his clothes and the way he walks. Then, everything appears to be like a bad dream and he forgets everything about his death (maybe the “Friend reminder” tape in the bathroom could be useful).

He finally lets his evil side control his body.

THEORY N°2:  Awsten is alive and ready for revenge… Another part of the story.

Erik J. Rojas©

What if Awsten wasn’t dead but just jumped out of the window to escape a destructive relationship?
In that case the window could represent an escape window and the only death there would be the end of his love story. He comes back “home”.

Awsten just opens the door because he is ready to live another life but the girlfriend doesn’t want to move on… That’s why she leaves it closed.

So she actually doesn’t bring him back to life but she uses a curse to manipulate him. It’s at this moment that the hand goes out the pillow to grab his head.

Now he’s possessed, he goes to his ex-girlfriend’s house. She has some regrets and calls for an exorcist priest. He finally escapes again.

The lighters represent the worlds they are setting on fire because of their desire for revenge. TANTRUM could be the last part of the story, the conclusion.

THEORY N°3:  Awsten is just sleeping…alone


Are you lost? We mean the hoodie was fucking white, and now it is red… How is it even possible? Awsten was dead and now he seems to be alive…

What if he was just sleeping after all this time trying to get over his ex? So everything would only be a nightmare. Then, Lucky People could be the first part of the story (and Sleep Alone the last one?).

THEORY N°4: This is only Art, fuckin’ DUH!

Maybe we’re just thinking too much and the only thing to understand here is what YOU want to understand. Isn’t that the main purpose of Art?


Wanna watch the video? Okay, GO!

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